Tackling violence against women in Wales
  • The Wales Violence Against Women Action Group has agreed six key priority outcomes that the Violence Against Women (Wales) Bill should include. Download the Report here..

Wales Violence Against Women Action Group

The Wales Violence Against Women Action Group is a coalition of organisations drawn down from a broad spectrum that came together in 2009 in order to share experience and skills, with the aim of tackling violence against women in Wales through raising awareness, challenging attitudes and pressing for change in government policy.

The campaigning group representing the organisations across Wales who campaign to tackle violence against women and girls in Wales expressed disappointment that the ground-breaking Violence Against Women (VAW) Bill announced by the Welsh Government in 2012 has been substantially altered ahead of its publication.

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Take the first step by signing this petition to get women put back in the Bill. By signing, you are supporting the Wales VAW Action Group in calling on the Welsh Government to recognise that the Bill must be amended to specifically include women in order to effectively tackle violence against women in Wales.

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Our most recent focus has been to work to ensure that the forthcoming Violence Against Women (Wales) Bill makes a real difference to the lives of women affected by any form of VAW, wherever they live in Wales.